Heckler & Koch SFP9 PB SF 9mmP Pistol

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HK SFP9 PB SF 9mm P (9x19mm) Pistol

PB – Push Button Mag Release

SF – Special Forces Trigger

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Heckler & Koch SFP9 PB SF

HK SFP9 Overview

The H&K SFP9 is a fully pre-cocked striker-fired pistol with single-action trigger in calibre 9 mm x 19. Used by law enforcement, it is the primary means of defence. In military use, it serves its purpose as a secondary weapon (backup weapon) allowing rapid defence at close quarters. For this reason, the SFP9 pistol family offers the right model for every individual mission requirement.

The pistol range includes the standard full-size service pistol SFP9, the sub-compact variant SFP9 SK, the SFP9 SD as a tactically designed model for silencer use as well as the SFP9 M for maritime combat conditions. In addition to the service pistols, we offer the SFP CM, SFP FX and SFP H, the corresponding training and handling models for optimising the existing shooting techniques and procedures.

Our SFP9 pistol models are available with either TR or SF trigger, OR interface, external safety, paddle or push-button magazine release. These basic features can be combined with each other without any difficulty. In addition, there are further options for optimising the handling of the pistol, such as different bolt catch/release combinations or various charging supports. The matching magazines are by design P30 magazines and come with a capacity of up to 20 rounds. The grip volume can be modelled to the individual hand size. And for those who would like their pistol in colour, there is a choice of black, green-brown and NATO green.

HK SFP9 Specifications

Caliber 9 mm x 19
Operating principle Recoil-operated
Bolt system Modified Browning locking system
Feed mechanism Magazine
Trigger pull 25 N
Barrel profile/Twist Polygonal profile, 6 grooves / right-hand twist
Sights Open square sight with contrast dots (self-illuminating)
Magazine capacity 10 / 12 rounds
Trigger system Single Action (SA)
Trigger travel/Reset travel 5 mm / 3 mm
Muzzle velocity (Ammunition: RUAG Action 4 ) 390 m/s
Muzzle energy (Ammunition: RUAG Action 4 ) 465 J
Length 153 mm
Width 29 mm
Height 112 mm
Barrel length 80 mm
Sight radius 129 mm
Weapon 540 g
Magazine, 10 rounds (empty) 65 g

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What’s Included

HK SFP9 PB SF Pistol 9mmP

2x 15 Round Mags  , Backstraps , instruction manuals


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